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Under 14c v Pakenham

Langwarrin 6 v 0 Pakenham.

The opening fifteen minutes of game play was all Langwarrin attacking and once again Pakenham's young keeper managed to keep at least 3 outside the posts.

Around the twentieth minute Cole Latham showed composure, taking on two defenders, kept his head up and place it nicely passed Pakenhams Keeper.

Langy continues to attack the Pakeham defence placing plenty of pressure on there Keeper, around twenty sixth min Cristian Sperandio slotted one past the man between the posts.


Second half.

The young Langy lads were confident prior to to game and at halftime as they defeated Pakenham 0-6 at Rd 1.

None the less we started out strong and so did Pakenham. Our keeper was replaced by Oberon Mooney first time in goals this season and was put under pressure early. Oberons strengths payed off. Around the thirty ninth minute Ashton Lewis made a charge down the side line and made his way easily passed the defence 3 v 0. More of the same game play but with our Coach opting for a much stronger defence, Placing Cole Latham as sweeper to stablise our defence so our fill in keeper had less to worry about turned out to be a great game plan. Langwarrin punished Pakenham with Ashton Lewis scoring again in the forty fifth minute, Cristain Sperandio scoring again in the fifty second, and the Birthday Boy James Sperandio scoring in the sixtieth .


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