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  • What does my membership entitle me to?
    When you sign your child or children up with Langwarrin SC you are given 2 limited adult social memberships. The membership allows you to use the club facilities on training nights or match days; gives you free entry for both parents to all Langwarrin senior home games and a single vote at the AGM (that’s the limited bit).
  • When do fees have to be paid by?
    We require at least 50% of the total membership fee payable to be paid on registration. We will not be accepting registrations without payment. Then, unless other arrangements have been made, all membership fees need to be paid in full prior to the first game of the season. Players who have not paid in full will not be permitted to play.
  • What do I need to provide when registering my child?
    When a child is registered with Langwarrin SC you must fill in a member registration form. If the child is U9 or below no other documentation is necessary. If the child is U10 or older and is about to play in the FFV competition for Langwarrin for the first time you must provide proof of age and a passport sized photograph.
  • Do I need to provide a birth certificate?
    Children who are playing in the FFV junior competition for the first time (U10 and above) will need to provide a copy of their birth certificate. This is not optional. If the birth certificate has not been provided we will not be registering the child to play.
  • How do we transfer a junior player during a season?
    For a junior to change clubs during a season, the player MUST complete the form NRR 08 – Notification of Cancellation of Amateur Registration signed by both the old club and player. In order to register with a new club, the player MUST complete the form NRR 11 – Supplementary Registration signed by both the new club and player. Both forms MUST be lodged to FFV in order for the player movement to be processed.
  • How are players selected for a team?
    This is a very complex issue that needs to be considered carefully. We shall break this into three components: 1: Sub Juniors Sub junior players play in age groups U9 and below. Our policy on sub juniors is that all children who play sub juniors and are paid up members of the club will be placed in a team. All players will play an equal amount of time each week. Sub junior soccer is all about fun and learning… that is ALL it is about! We do not participate in competitive leagues. There are no ladders. The results of any games played are not recorded or tallied nor are they important. 2: Small Sided Juniors and FFV Juniors SSJ players play in combined age groups U10 & U11 while our FFV juniors play in U12 to U18. SSJ players also play in the FFV competition. The FFV junior competition is a competitive (as the name suggests) environment. Scores are kept results are tallied and league ladders exist. Our policy on SSJ players and FFV juniors differs from the sub juniors in that we alter our approach to team selection and match day participation. We believe that it is essential for children to participate in a competitive League structure with players of similar ability. So we now have a policy of age group grading for age levels with more than one team. The aim of this exercise is to try and identify players who should be given the opportunity to move to a team more suited to his or her skill level. An independent assessment panel will grade the players. Ultimately there will be an offer made to identified players. Those players and their parents should carefully consider the offer and why the offer is being made. Skill level is the primary but not the only criteria we use for selecting players for squads. Coaches have been asked to consider attitude, application, time with the club and whether or not children are playing in their correct age group. 3: A Grade Teams When the club fields an A grade team the selection policy for the team is based almost entirely on selecting the best player for each position in the team. The coach can actively seek players for the team. No player is guaranteed playing time on match day. Essentially it is the same approach as would be used for a senior team. NPL Juniors Boys Age Groups from Under 13's to Under 20's compete in the National Premier League competition. This is an elite competition for the best players in the state. Trials for these age groups commence in September/October under the guidance of the coaches and club Technical Director. All NPL coaches are accredited coaches of a high standard.
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