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Langwarrin Whites Vs Mt Eliza

As usual for us, there was confusion as to where we were playing with pitch 3 being a swamp thanks to the recent downpour. With no bench this week, the boys were in for a tiring match.

We got off to a shakey start with Mt Eliza dominating most of the play but thanks to great defense they never managed to convert. Midway through the first half the team decided that passing the ball was a good idea and Byron converted. Brickwall (Will) then went on to score an amazing goal, soloing almost their entire team. 2-0 lead at half time.

The second half continued with good communication and some great passing, Dieter and Jax especially setup some great opportunities that failed to convert. The boys tired heavily towards the end of the second half but managed to keep Mt Eliza scoreless.

Tycen and Kaya (in his first attempt as goalie) did a fantastic job with clean sheets.

Shout-out to our now official timekeeper Layla and Paul for taking time out on the weekend.

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