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Under 14 C Langwarrin v Sandringham Kangas

Some days you need to put your hand up and say you were beaten by the better side and this was one of them.

After mix ups on playing times by FV (at one stage having the game scheduled for midnight) we finally got underway at Lawton Park at 11:30 against Sandringham Kangas. From the outset Sandringham were on the front foot and only some good keeping by David Lennox and some battling defensive work from Corey, Henry, Ashton and Oberon was keeping Sandringham at bay. Finally the team started to settle though and Christian and Be were chasing opportunities up front with breakaways. Finally after quarter of an hour the Sandringham side broke free again and poked one away. Langwarrin had their chances, most notably from Be with a free kick just outside the box that the keeper saved as James Sperandio tried to poke it in. Cristian gain chased a couple of balls over the top, but it was tough going.

Around 25 minutes gone and Sandringham again broke free and poked home for second making it hard work for the second half.

The second half was much the same as the first but the boys didn’t stop trying. On 37 minutes however the team gave away a penalty but good movement on his line by David seemed to put off the Sandringham player who poked it wide. The third wasn’t long coming and a suspicion of offside to it but that’s football. On 46 a fourth went in and there was concern that the boys heads would drop as it was the first time this season they weren’t really in the match till the end. To a man however they all kept battling and that is what they should take out of the game that if anything the last 15 minutes or so they actually created their best chances and never gave up. It is okay to be beaten by the better team on the day as long as the boys keep trying and that is what they did.

Special thanks to James Gannon for filling in from the U12s.

Final Score Langwarrin 0 Sandringham 4

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