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Under 13 Royals v Berwick Sharks

The sun was shining on a beautiful Mother’s day where I am sure all the players had made their mums breakfast in bed before the game!

So with smiles on their faces we embarked on a cracking match against Berwick. There was not much between the two teams but unfortunately we let one through in the first ½ when the ball bobbled after it hit something similar to a land mine and changed direction into the goal. Benji did a great attempt at stopping it, but the look on his eyes when the ball moved the wrong way was priceless!

In the second half we did let a second one in when Benji managed to stop the ball but it hit the ground, Henry then tried to clear it and ended up lying in front of the goal while Berwick managed to put a scrappy one into the net. We had our chances through out the game to put some away but just did not manage to get it over the line. Again some great play and it looks like we are improving each week.

A well fought out match by both sides in the spirit of the game. 2-0 to Berwick but we will get them next time!

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