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Under 13 Blues v Mornington

This was very much a game of two halves. Langy dominated the first half, with the ball being moved about quickly and effectively.

Unfortunately, the finishing wasn’t up to the same standard, but the pressure was relentless. Langy eventually opened the scoring with a great move down the left flank, which saw Ryan finish from close range. Langy managed to create several more chances, one being another fizzer from Will that rattled the bar, but the score remained 0-1 at halftime.

Although Langy managed to get an early second goal through a quick burst from Marco, who threaded an excellent pass for Logan to slot home, the game quickly slipped away from the away team. The sloppy play allowed Mornington to get a goal back, which gave them the confidence to chase the game. Mornington continued to press, which paid off with a fantastic header for the equaliser. The last five minutes were a battle that saw both teams miss good chances.

Hopefully, Langy will learn from this and bounce back for their next game v Dandenong City.

Goals: Ryan and Logan.

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