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Under 12 Royals v Mt Martha

We played Mt Martha who WERE top of the league and beat them 1-0.

The team played sooo well with passing skills and individual skills from all. The amount of successful passes, calls and pointing was clear to see and hear.

It’s amazing how different the game looked from the other side of the pitch... Oscar’s Mum videoed from there and I’ve seen some plays and moves that I missed from my point of view.

Jude, Tom ,Austin ,Joshua and Aiden had stand out performances .

Leith was constantly surrounded by defenders and did brilliantly with his first touches.

Riley and Tom had great link up passes down the left.

Flynn, Oscar ,Bosh and Alex had their usual solid performances.

The two goal keepers.. Aiden and JB shoul be proud of themselves with their first clean sheet.

Ryan got knocked and pushed about a bit in this game but got back up for some more.... well done mate.

Now on to our team captain...CHARLIE, he reads the game so well and stays in the position I ask of him. He keeps asking to go striker but that’s not the position for him, I keep saying wait for a chance outside the box and use your power from there. Well yesterday he got he’s chance and put it away beautifully, he placed it bottom right and it kissed the post on the way to giving our team the winning goal.....

If we continue to play like this , then there’s no stopping us you all made the time we put together in training well with the effort...

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