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Under 12 Royals - Round one


We played away to Skye and came away with a 2-1 win with every player having a impact in the game.

To see what we work on in training transfer to the game is such a credit to the boys. Pass and move , hold your line , shield the ball and communicate was clearly evident to see.

Our back line was the key to us winning, Flynn, Tom , Ryan and Bosh had a solid game . Oscar ( brick wall) made so many wining tackles and successful passes he was the man of the match.

Alex , playing against his old team was absolutely dominant on the right wing. He scored our first and set up many chances for others to score, Bosh being one of them.

This is our first of many convincing wins and if we continue to play how we did in the first half then God help the rest of the league.

Ps .... A long time ago before I was the teams coach I kept a list of a few things each of the boys needed to improve. I can now cross off two from Leith’s list, well done mate....... look how big the boy is that you push off the ball

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