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Under 13 Blues v Dandy City Red

Updated: Jun 21, 2021

Dandy City Red 2 v 6 Langwarrin

Langy began the game very brightly and went two goals up in the first 10 minutes. Good movement and crisp passing saw Logan opening the scoring, followed by another from Ryan. However, Langy once again slipped into the slow and lazy football of the previous week and allowed Dandy City back into the game, scoring two goals within three minutes. Langy did manage to bounce back and create another scoring chance that Marco converted before half-time.

The second half saw a formation change back to the usual 3-3-2, and Langy changed gears. The movement, passing and pressure began to pay off, with Langy creating several half chances before Marco finally scoring his second goal, making it 2-4. The last ten minutes provided Langy with a further two goals from Ryan, finishing the away team with a comfortable win. Although Langy did concede two goals, Tyler put on an excellent defensive display at the back.

Goals: Ryan 3, Marco 2, Logan 1.

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