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Under 12 Royals - Round 9

Today’s game was us playing to our strengths .... pass and move .

We had most of the possession and easily looked like the better team we should have won by a lot more but a 3-1 win was good enough.

The post and crossbar might have to get a new coat of paint with us being denied so many times today.

Our defence is solid and reliable.. Oscar is still a brick wall , Josh , Tom , and Flynn gave us so many options to move forward and today’s game you guys should be very proud of yourselves .

Midfield movement and passing is improving heaps with lots of good link ups. Bosh, Jude, Riley, Charlie and Austin you to should also be proud of yourselves.

Ryan had his best game to date with him going on a solo run down the wing and showing signs of drills we do in training coming through to the game.

Aiden has drastically improved his goal kicks which allow us to have one more player to pass to.

JB has settled into the goal keeper position really well and he’s confidence looks to be growing with some quick and impressive throw outs.

Leith has had a tough time as Striker but to day he got the long awaited strikers goal......playing from midfield :).

Man of the match was Alex, he hurt himself early in the game but didn’t let that stop him. He hustled well, passed well but most importantly to me communicated well with others around him... 10/10 WELL DONE MATE.

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