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Under 10 Blue v Casey

Updated: Jun 21, 2021

Under 10 Blue had a tough week losing one of its players and another pulling out unwell before the match leaving us one short. Big thank you to Elijah filling for the first half this week.

We played a well-oiled Casey team at home who we have been told are the team to beat. The first didn't start well with an unlucky goal slipping through early in the match. The boys fought back hard and Connor broke free and pulled the score back to 1-1. Casey started getting their momentum but the boys help strong in the first half and we were down 2-1 at the break.

The second half we played short a player and although Casey managed to put a few past us, all the boys played as hard a game as they could and gave it everything they had.

We still managed to create a few chances and the boys used a bit of muscle to try and win the ball first, which was great to see, but the extra player by Casey ran our boys off their legs. We couldn't be prouder of the effort that was put in by everyone.

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